29-31 May 2023
Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit
Michael Jizhar
Executive Vice President, MODENA

About me


Proliflic businessman and entrepreneur Michael Jizhar holds multi ple key positi ons within hisbusiness, including Executi ve Vice President of MODENA, Product Architect of MODENAMobility Program, Founder & CEO of his very own game-changing smart logisti cs start-up,MOLOGIZ, and Founder & CTO of MORE, a Big Data AI-driven soluti on streamlining RetailProcurement.

Michael oversees the enti re MODENA global operati ons and business development from hiscurrent base in the UAE. Working together with the Al Futt aim conglomerate group, MODENAhas been impacti ng people's lives in the UAE's modern consumer market since 2021. Inadditi on to the UAE, Michael is also responsible for the brand's rapid expansion in Australia,the EU, the CIS countries, and the Americas region.

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