29-31 May 2023
Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit
Joel Nascimento
Founder & CEO, Kevares Autonomous Services

About me


Joel Amorim do Nascimento is a Brazilian entrepreneur with over fifteen years running business in Brazil,
the United States of America and Canada.

Joel arrived in Canada in September 2018 for a soft-landing program at the Spark Centre in Oshawa, greater
Toronto area. He decided to move his business to Canada since then. As Founder and CEO of Kevares
Autonomous Services, Joel drives growth, strategic partnerships and sales. Kevares leverages the Canadian
ecosystem and R&D incentives to drive a genuinely globalized business from a first-world launchpad. With
revenue-generating contracts in Canada and Brazil and expanding to the UAE, Kevares counts currently on a
dedicated territory manager in Dubai and staff from Canada, Brazil and India, having raised a number of
Grants in Ontario and Canada.

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