29-31 May 2023
Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit
Ahmed Samir
Managing Director, Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC)

About me


Ahmed Samir Elbermbali is the Managing Director of the MENA Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting clean energy and clean technologies and solutions MENA Region. CEBC provides a platform to further dialogue between the public and private sectors to develop much-needed policy and regulations to help drive the implementation of clean energy across the MENA region. Ahmed joined CEBC in 2018 and is the youngest Managing Director to hold this position in the history of CEBC.

He is very active in bringing together the industry stakeholders from across the private and public sectors in the different MENA countries together to discuss policy challenges and solutions and accelerate the policy maturity for clean energy in the region.

He is skilled in strategy, business development, and sales. Having launched my successful initiatives within CEBC and established many new revenue streams. Ahmed is an achieved consultant with a portfolio of 25+ companies from across Ireland and Canada whom he helped expand their business and operations to the MENA region. Companies operate in sectors such as smart mobility, logistics, energy efficiency and hydrogen.
His research interest is in the intersection between policy, technology, and consumer behavior to accelerate the transition to clean energy and sustainable mobility sectors. Ahmed holds an MBA in Sustainable Mobility Management from the Technical University of Berlin.

Expertise and research interests:
- Climate Finance
- Energy Efficiency
- Low-carbon Hydrogen
- Electric Mobility
- Energy Storage

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