29-31 May 2023
Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit


Covering latest engine technology industry news for automotive engineers 

New Energy Vehicles

Recent announcements by vehicle manufacturers intending to electrify the car and buses markets

Energy and Infastructure 

Utilities, charging point operators, charging hardware manufacturers and other power sector shareholders are also boosting investments in charging infrastructures. 


Battery manufacturing is undergoing important transitions, including major investments to expand production.


As is true for many emerging technologies, vehicle electrification is experiencing rapid innovation. The Middle East & Africa Electric Vehicle Market is expected to witness substantial growth & business opportunities over the next decade.

Governments are focusing on renewable energy and clean transportation technologies along with the implementation of economic and energy diversification plans.

EVIS is unique by integrating inter-related technologies at one event, allowing attendees to network across the value chains and exploit new opportunities at the intersection of EV technologies.

What to Expect 

Event Features

With over 6,000 square meters of display space, Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit brings in the biggest and best brands from all over the world to present their latest products and innovations in the industry. 
The Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit fosters individual engagement and community interaction through networking opportunities and customized experiences including new technology, sharing economy activities, personalized meet ups and attendee personalized networking. 

The Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit is to be held in accordance with the highest standards governing such professional specialized conferences addressing advanced subject of interest to the specialized experts yet appealing to the public at large. 

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COVID 19 Statement : While being very mindful of the concerns raised by the Coronavirus, EVIS remains fully committed to the preparation and delivery of the exhibition and conference and will continue to consult with the public authorities and health and safety experts. Appropriate precautionary measures will be taken to support the well-being of the attendees. As this is an evolving situation, we will be sending out updates as needed.
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